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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing  the solar and roofing industries financially, environmentally, and aesthetically.

Our Advisors


Brian r&d lab website pic.jpg

Brian Atchley
CEO, Founder 

Solar City, Tesla

Suzanne Kimbel

CEO & President Stonecrop Technologies, VP Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

Amy r&d lab website pic.jpg


Ian Crecelius.jpeg

Ian Crecelius

Testing, Certification, & Reliability

SolarCity, Tesla

Kyle Tripp.jpeg

Kyle Tripp

Mechanical Engineering


Emil Johansen

Mechanical Engineering

SolarCity, Tesla

Jim Kimbel 

CEO The Investment Collective, Senior Finance Manager General Motors

Madeline Robinson 

Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Management MBA, Architect

Chad Medcroft

PV Consultant, VP of Product Lumeta Solar, VP of Global Applications SolarCity

Daniel East

Applications & Training Manager at SolarCity & Tesla

Jim Kimbel.jpeg
Chad Medcroft.jpeg
Daniel East.jpeg

Business and Operations


Evan Lampson
Marketing Intern

Additional Advice from Startup Incubator UACI (University of Arizona Center for Innovation)

SBDC Logo.jpeg

John DeGaetano

SBA Small Business Advisor

UACI Logo.png
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