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Below are examples of projects and products we have contributed to.  Collaboration has been a key to all of them.

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Tesla (2/2017 to 12/2018)
  • Solar Roof

    • Solar Roof version 3 concepts development

    • Solar Roof version 2

      • New mounting system, lighter weight, faster install

  • Powerwall manufacturing help

  • Model 3 battery assembly help
Solar City (12/2013 to 2/2017)

We produced a diverse line of products including:

  • Solar Roof, business plan, proof of concepts, multiple certified versions

  • Flashing insert

  • Supply side interconnection mechanisms​

  • Commercial rooftop PV mounting system

  • Plumbing vent re-route system

  • Flat residential roof system

  • Tracker

Zep (5/2011 to 12/2013)

​We helped develop and scale the platform of Zep hardware which launched rail free and installation focused hardware into the marketplace.

  • ZS Comp

  • ZS Tile

  • Utility scale mounting systems

  • Wire management clips

  • Platform cost reductions, reliability improvement, massive scaling

Example 1: Commercial Rooftop PV Mounting System

Challenge:  Design a low cost, low weight, fast to install mounting system that's compatible with the Zep PV module frame in 6 months.

Solution:  ZS Peak mounting system.  E-W orientation provides low pressure coefficients, allows tight roof packing, good access, single tool installation.

Successes:  Low cost and fast installation with spring button mechanism.

Example 2: Solar Trellis

Challenge:  Develop concepts that enable solar to be deployed easily.  Remove hurdles like roof area, roof structure, aesthetics, and ensure solutions which can be automated.

Solution:  A prefabricated wood structure with glass/glass modules on top affixed to the ground with three choices of anchor depending on ground conditions.

Successes:  Beautiful design that enables automated design and permit with fast installation of 2.5 kW of solar.

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